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The secret of selection and purchase of vehicle inflatable pump

Release Date: 2017-12-28Click: 1054

Many car owners have encountered a lack of tire pressure, whether it is a daily drive or a self driving tour. Sometimes it is not easy to find a place that can be inflated, with a portable inflatable pump, which can be used for a rainy day. When the owner of the car is checking the car, it is convenient to have a car inflatable pump when the car tire loses its gas. What should be paid attention to when buying an on-board inflatable pump?

What is an on-board inflatable pump?

The inflatable pump is also called the air pump and gas pump, which works through the operation of the motor. During the pumping process, the connector for the atmospheric pressure valve is open, gas into the pump to inflate the tire; when the pressure within the pump valve has been closed, the gas into the tire.

The advantages of the vehicle inflatable pump:

1. small size, usually put in the car trunk, no place, easy to carry.
2. power is large, efficiency is high, and inflation speed is fast.
3. can be used in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, swimming circles and balls and so on. It is widely used.
4. can be used to measure the pressure of the tire to keep the tire at any time in the normal tire pressure.

Pay attention to the purchase of vehicle inflatable pump:

1. purchase complete complete inflatable pump

Buy car air pump, it is best to complete the purchase, in order to avoid to put all sorts of things together find accessories, finally is not suitable. Most of the vehicle inflatable pumps on the market are sold in a complete set. Besides pneumatic pump host, tire pressure gauge, vehicle power cord and tire pipe are also included. Some car inflatable pumps also have battery line and multiple inflatable joints.

2. power pump power

The power of an inflatable pump is determined according to the type of the car. In the purchase of an on-board inflatable pump, a small car can choose a low power on - bar inflatable pump. Single cylinder car air pump consists of a pump supplying, equipped with tire pressure gauge and a switch, power supply interface for cigarette lighter fittings, directly inserted into the cigarette lighter, the market for this kind of products, the price of 50 yuan -100 yuan, cheap electricity, enough for a car.

Large SUV off-road vehicles, large car will need to use the pump double high power, or inflation is very slow, and the costs of electricity. Double cylinder car air pump by two working cylinders, the power is larger, so the original power interface in order to guarantee the power supply restructuring needs directly to the battery positive and negative pole, inflatable tube can be selected according to the requirement of length, the vehicle must be started before use, the market price of the expensive than single cylinder pump 30%-50%, the price range is generally 100 yuan -200 yuan.

3. speed of inflatable pump

The inflatable speed of the vehicle inflatable pump is different, the small power is inflated slowly, and the high power is inflated quickly. If the car has a large tire, it is recommended to use a high power inflatable pump, which can inflate faster. Generally more than 225 of the appropriate use of high power, inflatable speed of more than 35L per minute.

4. power line length of inflatable pump

The power line of the inflatable pump must be long, or it will be embarrassing when the inflatable pump can not reach the tire when it is inflated. The length of the power line is better than 2 meters, in order to meet the demand for the 4 wheels of the car.

It is also to consider whether the charging pump is easy to receive. The gas pump line is generally longer. If it is casually lifted, it will lead to premature aging of the line. Therefore, if the air pump has special groove to collect the line, it will be much better, which will greatly extend the life of the line.

5. gas pump joint and the quality of the tire pressure gauge

The joint is the most commonly used part of the inflatable pump, so its quality is very important. The quality of the car inflatable pump is pure copper joint, durable, even if it is not careful to step on to encounter, it is okay. The joints of inferior air filled pumps are ordinary iron and easy to deform, so we must see clearly when choosing them.

At the same time, when buying the vehicle inflatable pump, we need to see if the tire pressure gauge is copper core first, because the heat conduction and heat dissipation of copper is good, so that the tire pressure gauge can be overheated and the measurement data is not accurate.

Pump 6. to buy more than one's head

Because the car tires of different models, so in the purchase of car air pump, the best choice of vehicle with multi head air inflating pump, so as to give different types of tire, can make vehicle air pump function to the maximum.

7. purchase full - function inflatable pump

The function of vehicle inflatable pump should be comprehensive, for example, with emergency LED lights, so that it is very convenient to inflate at night, especially for those who drive frequently. And it can also be a warning light, a flash to remind the rear vehicle attention to avoid.