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Be ready for a self driving tour

Release Date: 2017-12-28Click: 1188

Whether it's a rookie or an old hand, you must be prepared for a long journey. The importance of examination of the car before the trip for a variety of needless to say, however there is no research journey, you should take what equipment? Now some traveling equipment not only enrich the following is all sorts of strange things, and all kinds of equipment for making a summary, if I can help you to prepare, you will make your trip more smoothly.

First, navigation

1. Vehicle navigator

Now the car navigation has been very popular, a lot of more than 200 to more than 500 yuan has been trading, and the function is good. If there is no navigation on the car, it is necessary to prepare a navigation. It's important to note that the speed of the satellite search is also very important, in addition to knowing whether the map version of the navigator you buy is new enough. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to use, and even often can not find the signal, so it will be very inconvenient outside. In addition to online reviews of netizens, a better way is to ask friends who have car navigators, and listen to their experience and presentation, which will be more real.

2. Mobile navigation

As a mobile phone navigation software, although the display screen of the mobile phone is small compared with the professional GPS navigation device, it is a disadvantage and a advantage. No vehicle navigation in the car to occupy a place to block sight, both convenient and beautiful, the use of mobile phone navigation is also very popular. At present, in addition to some brands of mobile phone will bring its own brand of navigation software, various brands of independent development of the navigation software is all kinds of, such as Kai Lide, Lingtu Skywalker, Gao De and Google, Baidu maps and so on, are more popular.

Two. Long distance preparation

1. Vehicle power converter

Now, smartphones are basically machine - free. If you're sitting on a long journey on a car, it's absolutely necessary to play mobile phones, IPAD and so on. So, charging is a big problem. If a simple converter is directly inserted on the cigarette lighter, the direct electricity taking may affect the service life of the electric appliance because of the instability of the battery. The dedicated vehicle power converter can convert DC12V power to 220 volt alternating current, which is used for general laptop computers and IPAD. It is a convenient power converter. There are also USB interfaces, and mobile phones can also be charged with data lines.

2. Vehicle travel bed

If it is a long distance self driving, a long journey is very hard, how do you want to lie down and sleep for a while? Now this kind of car is too rich, and the car is used to sleep on the car. This product is charged with an on-board power supply pump, directly in the back seat to become an inflatable bed. If you don't travel much, and it's long distance, this can really be.

3. Car cooker

Have you ever thought about a long distance ride, and you can cook for yourself? If you have a car cooker in front of you, it's possible. This car cooker is not the same as the ordinary rice cooker, but the power supply is different, and it can be plugged into the power supply of the car's cigarette lighter. In fact, the rice cooker is very small, and if you want to really want to rely on it outside, it may not be very reliable.

Three, emergency class

1. Vehicle inflatable pump

Outdoors are unfamiliar in the field, especially in places where people are sparsely populated. At this point, what if the tire pressure is not enough, or the gas is leaking? If a car mounted pump is prepared in advance, such a problem will not fail you. In general, this tool will be portable tyre repair tool, illumination, or more convenient. When used, only the car is needed and the battery power is connected to the car. However, the vehicle air pump is probably a toolbox of volume small, if not far away, generally do not need to.

2. Interphone

If it is a team trip, you can also consider the preparation of the interphone. If there are more vehicles, it is very difficult to match the interphone. Especially when there are many cars on the road, it is easy to get lost if you turn around or down the highway. Even if you call the phone one by one, it will be very inconvenient, and the walkie talkie will play the role of unified call, and you can talk in real time.