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Development and market demand of automobile inflatable pump

Release Date: 2017-12-28Click: 1045

First, the research background of the inflatable pump

Accidents due to uneven tire pressure have occurred from time to time, we can see at any time to maintain the tire pressure in the car can not be underestimated. High-speed driving, the phenomenon of a flat tire, mainly due to low tire pressure and tire pressure caused by too high. With the continuous increase of domestic cars, the shortage of oil resources, oil prices all the way up to reduce fuel consumption has become the primary problem for each riders. Tire pressure is very particular about low or high pressure will increase fuel consumption and reduce tire life. Therefore, in driving a "high precision, fast inflatable" pump, you will be more effort, peace of mind, save money.

Second, inflatable pump Category:

1, pneumatic booster pump: a wide range of applications: the industrial area for clamping the machine tool chuck, accumulator inflatable, high pressure gas bottle, reducing the pressure gas into high pressure gas.

2, folded nitrogen booster pump:

3, folding miniature vacuum stamping pump: With the rapid development of instrumentation industry, compact, oil-free miniature vacuum pump, micro-pump is more and more widely used

Third, the development and status quo of inflatable pumps

With the rapid improvement of people's living standard and change of concept, more and more people begin to use tools to get a better quality of life. Private cars are one of the common means of transportation. Unlike other tools, it is clear that automobiles require more careful care and love from consumers. The reason is not just its price is more expensive, but because of its quality is related to our life safety. In order to prevent the emergence of emergencies and save the risk of non-human factors caused by the inconvenience, many private cars will choose to buy a car pump. In reality, however, there are some similar consumers, their lack of safety awareness and awareness of precautions led to their purchase of car air pump do not mind, that does not matter. In fact such a concept is wrong, although not commonly used car air pump but it plays a very important role in our lives.

One of the indispensable steps to expand the inflator market is media publicity. As a highly developed information today, the spread of media can definitely make a market arouse widespread concern. Increase vehicle air pump market promotion efforts in order to further popularize the concept of consumer spending, consumer groups.

1) car inflator market development status:

As the largest automobile consumer market in the world, China retains the value of tens of millions of cars at present, and the automotive supplies market is thriving. The car air pump market has been caught in the cracks, although there is still a certain market, but compared to car audio, reversing radar and other products there is a certain gap. This market is generally seen as a worthless market, tasteless, abandoned a pity.

At present, the main manufacturers of car air-filled pumps are located in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. Car inflatable pump because of the uniqueness of their products, it is reasonable to say there should be a big market, in fact, the form is not optimistic.

2) Analysis of the Present Situation of China Automobile Air Pump Market Sales Channels

At present, the market of vehicle air pump is also a seller's market, and there is still a lot of potential for this market of air pump for inflatable vehicles relative to other post-market products that have become saturated. But why now there is room for car air pump market can not develop it? Car inflator market has no horsepower, which has a great relationship with its market layout.

Car air pump is the main market in the network, search engine input "car air pump" can see a lot of product information and purchase information, Taobao is full of a wide range of automotive air pump products, portable , High-power, two-cylinder and so on. Compared to the shop of a school of vitality, the store is very cool, according to the observation of Hongda Automobile Plaza and found that supply of car inflatable pump few. Some businesses say that sales are not good, have not done this agent, others say just incidentally filling the store facade, a long time before entering a number of goods. In this view, the inflatable pump channel is extremely narrow, it is very difficult to promote the promotion of natural products, promotion not, sales up, dealers will not be agents, the vicious cycle of passage of time.

Then there is not like other car accessories like car accessories by the expensive and installation and other factors, the simple use of car inflatable pump, the price is absolutely cheaper than other automotive supplies, ranging from 50 to 200, a lot of Taobao Are 100 yuan less risky, easy online shopping, which makes the vast majority of consumers happy to buy online. So relatively competitive store but online shop. However, the product classification on the network is not clear, there is no special guide to shopping guide, and product mix, the manufacturer is hard to pin hope this brand building through the network.

3) Inflatable pump to the majority of consumers traveling by car based popularity is not high

Car inflatable pump at this stage is still a special needs for most people, rather than as navigation is the same as the common car. This first thing to talk about from the function of car air pump, when the car tires appear deficit phenomenon, will use car air pump to the car qi. At present, most cars are used as a means of transport in urban areas. There is not much shortage of short tires on the road. Besides, repair shops can be found everywhere in the city, so many people think it is not necessary to dedicate themselves to such small-probability incidents Prepare a tool.

In the purchase of car inflatable pumps are mostly long-distance travel, car-loving owners. Because consumers do not have enough awareness of product use, a direct result of the audience is limited. This is also one of the most important reasons that the car air pump market is difficult to open. Products must be consumer demand, to meet the needs of consumers have a market. Therefore, the concept of car air pump marketing is very urgent at the moment, the market needs some people to guide the concept of consumer spending, we can use the experience of foreign markets, universal use of vehicles in foreign countries, car air pump is almost every Car family essential automotive supplies. We want consumers to understand that although this is a small probability event, but it may happen, that day your tire suddenly gas, and no longer in the village shop, how to do? Now you just need to invest a small amount of money in the car prepared a car inflatable pump, in any case do not have to worry about, completely solve the worries. There is a shift in the focus of their thinking from "not necessarily happening" to something "likely to happen." Although these two statements indicate the same thing, the former holds, from a psychological point of view, The chances are unlikely to happen; the latter have begun to have some concerns, and it has been presumed what happened. So to expand the consumer groups for the inflatable pump market is particularly important.

4) Inflation pump profit margins compressed products update slowly

Inflatable pump manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, relatively speaking, a market they are a dominance, the national automotive market after the few products which are occupied by a regional center of gravity can not be replaced. This can not shake the leading position, even if the consumer groups should be a considerable income, but manufacturers generally reflect the profit margins are too small.

Low product profits, there is no lack of sufficient funds to promote the product, which in turn is a factor of mutual restraint. Car inflatable pump products mainly take the network sales channels, which has always been a puerile platform. Coupled with the use of a single vehicle air pump function, unlike the electronic dog, navigator can add additional features to carry out product upgrades. Vehicle air pump reflects its practicality, it is difficult to add value to the product, so manufacturers generally reflect the slow update of the product. Car inflator pump structure is rather special, common from the tire pressure gauge, motor, inflatable tube, gas nozzle and other structures, such a structure determines the vehicle air pump and other functions to integrate a certain degree of difficulty. Car air pump application is more extensive combination of a LED lights to facilitate nighttime cheer. This means that the product itself lack of creativity and development. Long-term no fresh blood on the market, it will inevitably stagnate. Now the product's raw materials, all the way bullish, but the product can not enhance the value of words, only the constant compression of profit margins. This is why many manufacturers are not optimistic about the market of inflatable pumps.

But many people also saw the huge market prospects of car air pump, but also wait and see attitude of its halt, so the inflatable pump this market is also described as tasteless. But who can deny that the tasteless pork can become a braised pork meat of all ages, this huge market gap is a challenge and an opportunity. Foreign car air pump market is booming experience and inspiration, 90 after the sudden emergence of consumer groups, reconstruction of consumer attitudes, car air pump market is bound to set off a climax.